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Design Goods for Sketch & Figma

Part I — Styles

Create switchable styles from light to dark mode in Figma
Create switchable styles from light to dark mode in Figma

Choosing the right color palette for any designer is the number one step in making their art great. Same concept applies to when creating design systems. In this article we will teach you how to choose the right shade and contrast of colors, how to structure them properly according to their uses. In addition, we will talk about how colors should be properly applied to Light and Dark modes, followed by some tips and tricks, and finally, teach you a quick and easy way to switch from Light to Dark mode with just a few buttons.

a guide to planning a future in design

Our team Pixsellz has been specializing in UI/UX kits for the past 10+ years, having achieved lots of success with our lead designer Komol Kuchkarov, we have decided to share our journey and talk about our experiences as designers. We wrote a short guide book in which we talk about all the success and problems we faced as designers and how to overcome these obstacles. …

Powerful wireframing kit for web projects based on design system.

Hi there! After 3 months of hard work and dedication, I’m pleased to announce our best-selling kit — Sections 2 has been released. We know that we could have just added few extra changes and released the kit as Sections 2 but that wouldn’t be fair to our clients because that would be an easy way out. Instead, we have completely reworked the entire kit! We have worked on all aspects of the kit, from buttons to layouts which supports all the latest and main features of Sketch App & Figma.

Before we dive into the kit and all its…

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